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person writing on white paper

About Optia

Optia is an affordable software solution for industrial process automation. It helps you to better coordinate and control all your processes and activities within your company, helping you to be in contact with everything that is happening now through its well-designed, online, helpful dashboard

How Optia can improve your business?


Improve your client's order management. Any company is connected to its clients through the received orders from them and also through the communication generated by the process of processing and delivering the orders in the proper time and a high-quality


Aligning the buying procedures and quantities to the existing order flow and organizing the supplying procedure to be compliant with Just in Time rules will let you reduce the raw material stocks, reduce the invested stock money, and improve your cash flow.


Flawlessly organizing the production planning, meaning having the structure of the existing machinery together with their production specificities we can use at maximum or close production capacity all the machines or devices needed for existing orders' production


Warehouse Management System - functionality included in Optia can help in identifying the product from an order with a QR code - RFID, printed, or both will let the warehouse operators eliminate the misidentification of the products, to be more accurate in sending the orders to the belonging clients without mismatching the lines


Transport Management System - will help you to improve your order transportation, to have a clear set of rules concerning the routings generated by the app for the serviced clients

Our Services

Optia offers a range of services to help streamline your industrial processes. From automation software to data analysis, we have you covered.

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person holding pencil near laptop computer
Process Automation
Data Analysis

Automate your industrial processes for increased efficiency and productivity.

Analyze your data to gain valuable insights and optimize your operations.

Real-time Monitoring
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person using MacBook Pro

Product Reviews

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man wearing gray polo shirt beside dry-erase board

Optia can deeply optimize the manufacturing process. It's incredibly easy to use and has greatly improved the work efficiency.

No matter in what industry or service you are working Optia brings a new approach to your work and a growth in all your efficiciency KPI's


The development and support team at Optia has been skilled in automation software products since 2000. We're always available to help with any questions or issues we have.

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